Nader Khaledi



A passionate guitarist and enthusiastic musician is what people say when the name Nader Khaledi comes to mind. Starting his path in music with percussion at 10, he mastered Tombak, a prominent Persian musical instrument at the age of 16. Later on, this proficiency made him a skillful percussionist in almost any rhythmical instrument, including his favorite Cajon. 
It was first at that age when he found his everlasting passion for being a guitar player after listening to magical strings of "Paco de Lucia" in his masterpiece "Entre dos Aguas". Nader has pursued this passion and love of music and more specifically flamenco over the world for years. His admiration toward Flamenco a lifestyle brought him to Southern Spain where the heart of flamenco music is rooted.At the age of 23, He decided to leave Iran to enter Cristina Heeren Fundación de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain. Shortly after, Nadar graduated with a four year degree in advance Flamenco Guitar after two years of schooling. 
Today, based on Vancouver Canada, Nadar is regarded as forward and revolutionary musician, by composing, teaching, and performing in various styles of music such as Flaminco and World music. Major venues of Flamenco art in Vancouver have hosted both his guitar and percussion performances. 
He uses a unique ensemble of instruments including Guitar, Zarb, Daf, Cajon and Latin percussion in his recent works, which he plays them himself or his occasional band members. He is in essence creating a sound of a new generation of fusion artists.



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